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“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.”

Luther Burbank


My name is Fernanda Zsigovics, Brazilian, 31 years old.

 I'm a flower lover since I can remember. But more than flowers, I was always attracted by the pretty things: nature, pretty places, fashion, design, decoration, art...where there was beauty, I was happy!

I got my degree in gastronomy and then the second one in Architecture. Because deep in my heart I always knew that creation was my thing. But only when I decided to leave Brazil and move to the US that I permitted myself to fall in love with my real passion: Floral Art!

I love working with my hands and watching the beauty being born in front of my eyes. I love even more to see each one of my pieces making someone else happy! Making other's homes prettier! 

In a world where ugliness has been so present in our lives, I could say that I'm very proud to help people remember how easy it is to create and spread beauty in so many ways.


Born in Brazil, Fernanda Zsigovics was always passionate about art and design. 

After a few years working with architecture and interior design, Fernanda fell in love with plants, flowers and its power to transform any ambient and to bring poetry and beauty to any place. 

What if we could keep the Nature's beauty forever intact inside a box?!

 Well, this is how she created the EVERLAST BOX collection. Mixing natural elements - as preserved and dried flowers, wood, stones, marble, feathers - with the traditional art elements - like metal, gravures, drawings, paint - Fernanda creates unique sculptures that treasure the nature with a touch of modern freshness, young mood and poetic meaning. As the final touch, the acrylic box became her trademark. Like a jewellery display or a dome, the clear acrylic frames the sculpture, preserves and brings value to every piece.  


Miami - FL

+1 305 2976169